Full Disclosure: Lorde Wears Syren Latex in the “Magnets” Video for a Beautifully Sinister Look

The video for “Magnets” by electronic duo Disclosure has gotten a lot of press and Internet eyeballs since its release, thanks in part to New Zealand pop star Lorde doing the vocals and taking center stage in the video itself. Lorde deserves props for her musical and dramatic work; in the video, she brings a forceful charisma to the role of the euphoric lover and the wronged woman that brings emotional resonance to the story as it plays out onscreen.



But as much as we love the collaboration between Disclosure and Lorde, there’s an even bigger thrill for us in watching how Lorde rocks a trenchcoat in black latex with a custom black catsuit layered underneath, both from our designers at Syren. The clothing that we sell isn’t just a product that’s churned out by rote; when you buy Syren clothing, it’s custom fit to your measurements. These clothes are our art and our passion, and there’s a special satisfaction in seeing someone like Lorde wear them as part of their own art. It’s not just public relations for us, but a confirmation of our pride in our work.


Syren Latex


In this case, the black trenchcoat is especially well-suited to Lorde’s part in the video; as she strides out to the poolside, the coat combines the elegant glamour of fetish with the sinister allure of a femme fatale out of a classic film. The last moments of the video are as frightening as they are beautiful, and we think that the coat reflects that perfectly. To see our work used so well by Disclosure and Lorde makes us very proud.